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A subsidies measure to encourage business creation and development of intellectual property rights by Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park Authority (Trial)

Chapter I. General Provisions
To bring into full play of the intellectual property system in technological innovation and economic development in Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park ( hereinafter referred to as Hi-tech Zone) and promote the construction of the pilot park of national IPR (intellectual property right) and vigorously support and nurture their own intellectual property rights, according to relational provisions of the ¡°Opinions on the strengthening of independent innovation, to speed up economic development in Huayuan Industrial Park issued by Hi-tech Zone Working Commission of CPC and MC¡¯s (The Hi-tech Zone working committee of Tianjin Party Committee [2006] 5), these subsidies measures has been established.

Item 2nd These subsidies measures apply to the enterprises registered individual institutions and intangible assets to become shareholders with their business registration, tax registration in Huayuan Industrial Park.

Item 3rd CMC Science and Technology Bureau is responsible for the applications of intellectual property admissibility.

Item 4th the outlay relating to the financing shall be pay from the torch development funds and the funds management group shall be responsible for the distribution and monitoring of funds.

Chapter II Strategy funding for enterprises¡¯ intellectual property

Item 5th Encouraging enterprises to implement intellectual property strategies, the strategy of intellectual property rights should include the pilot enterprises to give a one-time subsidy not more than RMB 30,000 yuan.

Item 6th Applying for funding of corporate intellectual property strategy, enterprises shall provide the following documents
1. Applications form of the funded strategic of enterprises¡¯ intellectual property rights;
2. the relational proved documents to be listed on the pilot projects roll-call.
Chapter III applying for the funding of intellectual property rights

Item 7th Encouraging enterprises and institutions to apply for intellectual prop

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