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A subsidized measure to encourage the building of the research and development institutions, the cooperation of industrial production, learning and research institutions as well as technology platforms by Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park Authority
No.24 [2006] issued by Management Department of MC, Tianjin

Chapter I. General Provisions

Item 1st: To further speed up the pace of technological innovation and strengthen the independent innovation capability of the enterprises in Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park (hereinafter referred to as "Hi-tech Zone"), according to provisions of "recommendations on the strengthening of independent innovation to speed up economic development in Huayuan Industrial Park"(The Park Party Committee, Tianjin [2006] No.5) issued by Park Work Committee and the MC, this subsidized measure have been established.

Item 2nd: These subsidized measures apply to enterprises and state institutions with business registration in Industry and Commercial Administration Bureau, tax registration in Huayuan Industrial Park.

Item 3rd: CMC Science and Technology Bureau is responsible for accept and deal with the applications of the enterprises¡¯ research and development, production and research cooperation projects, industrial technology platform for the admissibility work of the recognition and funds.

Item 4th: The scheme of yearly focus and plans sum supported in this subsidized measure will be put forward by CMC Science and Technology Bureau, and submit to the office directors¡¯ meeting of the MC for approval, and the required costs shall be pay from the torch development funds, the Hi-tech Zone management group of the torch development funds will be in responsible for the issuance and monitoring of the development capital.

Chapter II: Building of the enterprises¡¯ research and development institutions

Item 5th£º For encouraging enterprises to build research and development institutions, this subsidized measure referred to the research and development institutions generally to be approved by the departments in charge from provinces and cities level (including the provinces and municipalities) and to relying on Hi-tech enterprises which are engaged in Hi-tech products and research and development and have a certain number of R & D institutions.

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