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Rewarding Procedures of Technology Innovation Prize of Tianjin Hi-Tech Industry Par(Trial Implementation)

Clause One For promoting Tianjin Hi-Tech Industry Park (hereinafter called Hi-tech Zone in short) in improving the quality and efficiency of economic development, rewarding the enterprises and individuals which have made outstanding contribution in technical innovation, these procedures are specially drawn up by Tianjin Hi-Tech Industry Park Management Committee (hereinafter called Management Committee in short).

Clause Two These procedures are applicable to the enterprises which have conducted industry and commerce registration and tax business registration in the area under the jurisdiction.

Clause Three The technical innovation meant by these procedures are the new knowledge, new techniques, new technology applied by the enterprises, new modes of production and new pattern of operation and management for raising the quality of products and developing and producing new products, providing new services in the purpose of occupying the market and realization of market value. Through autonomous innovation the close integration of scientific research, technical development and economic development will be promoted, the commercialization and industrialization of the achievements of science and technology will be realized.

Clause Four The bonus of technical innovation prize will be itemized as expenditure from the fund of autonomous innovation. The management group of the fund of autonomous innovation will be responsible for the dispensing and monitoring of the rewarding fund.

Clause Five Under the technical innovation prizes, four items of prizes will be established. They are the major technical innovation prize, the outstanding contribution prize for the cooperation of production, science and research, the enterprise prize of excellent intellectual property work, the prize of excellent middle and small scale enterprises of science and technology type. The discussion and election of these prizes will be conducted once every two years.
(I) Under the major technic

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