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Encouraging Procedures on Speeding up the Development of Cartoon Industry of Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area

Clause One For the purpose of encouraging the development of cartoon, electronic game and the related industry in Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area, these procedures are specially drawn up by Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area Administrative Committee (hereinafter called Administrative Committee for short).
Clause Two The Administrative Committee establishes the ˇ°Special Fund for the Development of Cartoon Industryˇ± (hereinafter called Special Fund in short). Within five years since 2008, 50 million yuan fund each year will be arranged and centered to support the investment to the creation of conception of cartoon, reward the creation of conception of cartoon and its senior technical and management personnel. Various rewards, subsidize and allowance mentioned in these procedures will all be itemized as expenditures from the special fund.
Clause Three The spheres of centered development of cartoon, electronic games and relative enterprises include original creation production of cartoon, games manufacturing, epibolic processing of cartoon and games works, the production of cartoon and games application software and service, research and development and production and processing of peripheral products for cartoon, the practical training of cartoon and games creation personnel, produce of scenario etc.
Clause Four These procedures are applicable to industry and commerce registration and registration of tax business within the area under its jurisdiction and belong to the enterprises and organs in the spheres of centered development stipulated in Clause Three of these procedures.
Clause Five The fine works items of original created cartoon games which have been examined and approved by expert evaluation and passing judgment committee and with certain social and economic benefits can apply for putting the project under the development fund of cartoon industry, the maximum sum of the start-up fund to be provided will not exceed 2 million

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