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A supporting method for science and technology incubator enterprises issued by Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park Authority (Trial)
No.26 [2006] issued by Hi-tech Zone M C, Tianjin

Item 1st: In order to further accelerate the development of Tianjin Torch Pioneering Park, and building of a high level of incubation base, according to the relevant provisions of "a number of opinions on the strengthening of independent innovation and to speed up economic development in Huayuan Industrial Park " issued by Hi-tech Zone Working Committee of CPC and the MC (No.5,[ 2006] issued by Hi-tech Zone Party Committee, Tianjin), and this supporting method has been set down.

Item 2: The Hi-tech Zone set up a "the incubating industrial developing funds in Torch Pioneering Park" (hereinafter referred to as "the incubating industrial funds"), yearly in accordance with the ratio of 3.5 (%) percent of the total business tax part of the Hi-tech Zone retained of the assigned enterprises in the ¡°Torch Pioneering Park¡±, this expenditure shall be pay from the torch development funds.

Item 3rd: The target enterprise of the "incubating industrial course funds" is to support the enterprises registered by CMC Science and Technology Bureau and managed by the Hi-tech Zone administration in the torch pioneering park as well as the relational units which take construction tasks of the Torch Pioneering Park.

The "incubating industrial course funds" is mainly to support the Hi-tech parks which have a higher success rate and a successful training of outstanding Hi-tech enterprises and new economic growth points and the key-point will be materialized guidance on the construction of the park torch entrepreneurial enterprise needs and on the instructions about the science and technology incubators¡¯ building given to the Hi-tech enterprises by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Item 4th: The sum, each year, of "incubating industrial course funds" shall be calculated by the Service Coordination Centre of Torch Pioneering Park and the finance bureau of Park, and the management group of the torch development funds of Park is responsible for vetting.

Item 5th: The" implementat

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