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The Interim Procedures to Encourage Entrepreneurial Talent Carve-out in Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park
No. 256 [2000] issued by the Labor and Personnel Department of Hi-tech Zone

Item 1st: In order to implement the " Views on gathering talent and giving full play to the role of professional and technical personnel by CPC Tianjin Municipal CPC Committee and Tianjin Municipal People¡®s Government," and promote the Hi-tech industry development in Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park (Hi-tech Zone), support and encouragement at home and abroad Senior talents to Hi-tech Zone, this interim procedures has been established.

Item 2nd: This measure applies to the senior talents who engage in production, research and development of Hi-tech and research institutions and work in the industrial and commercial administrative organizations and enterprises which have registered in Hi-tech Zone.

Item 3rd: Following persons as senior talents:
1. Personnel who enjoy the special benefits of the State Council or access to the title of "outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged experts,";
2. Personnel who have a master¡®s degree, doctorate or titles of senior professional positions;
3. Personnel who had in studying abroad and obtained master¡®s degree and above (including the master¡®s) degree;
4. Personnel who had won the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, or provinces (municipalities), and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress award, or the second prize;
5. Personnel who had been assessed and proved that can generate or bring higher economic returns into the production, research projects by Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park Management Committee (hereinafter referred to Hi-tech Zone MC) organized experts and/or all categories of personnel have special talents.

Item 4th£ºAfter been reviewed by the management group of park management committee ¡°torch development funds,¡± Personnel who have the provisions of Item 3 of this Interim Procedures, been approved by the park management committee, and have been issued a " senior personnel certificate by Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park Authority" (hereinafter referred to the certificate)

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